Regarding a Teacher

The best possible teacher for an aspiring necromancer is in fact the spirit of a deceased necromancer from times past. Finding or attracting such an entity seems like a monumental challenge for most, but there is a guaranteed method for those with an open mind and a few bills. Simply go on the internet and look for sites selling bound spirits. The people who summon and bind spirits are known as conjurers, and some are better than others.

I personally recommend the site Lilith’s Treasure Tavern. Go to the section on the site headed Contact Me, and fill out the form. Ask her for a price quote for a necromancer. If you have no experience with spirit-keeping I suggest mentioning that you would prefer a spirit that is relatively light in nature. Before doing this please go to the Creepy Hollows forum site and read through the sections titled Spirit Keeping and Beginner/Newbie Area to have a good idea of what you are getting yourself into. The practice of keeping bound spirits is vastly different from dealing with unbound spirits.

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Iron Nail Binding

You will need the following tools and information:

  • An iron nail (preferably a coffin nail)
  • a hammer
  • the name of the spirit responsible for a haunting or an attack
  • a tree (any kind will do)

To perform this spell you must find a tree in a place where you can both shout loudly and be sure that your working will remain undisturbed. Next take the iron nail and begin to hammer it into the tree. With each blow delivered, pronounce in the present tense your intent to bind a certain spirit. For example: “I bind thee, John Doe with this nail!” Upon the final blow declare that until the nail is removed, the spirit will be bound to the tree. Ex: “With this blow John Doe, here thou shall be bound until the nail comes free!” Some words of caution must be imparted at this time. Be sure to heed them or face the consequences.

  1. This binding is to be used on the spirits of the human dead. This spell was never intended to affect anything that is not human. It is quite certain that anything else will break free.
  2. Make certain that the tree will not be felled during your lifetime. Also ensure that the nail is never extracted from the trunk. If either of these things should occur you will find yourself the target of an insane spirit, enraged and seeking your destruction.
  3. Do not attempt to perform this binding with anything but an IRON nail. Nothing else will have any effect upon one of the incorporeal dead. Also your intended target will likely seek vengeance for the act.

A quick note- This binding can be used to create a haunted building by hammering the iron nail into the wood of a structure. This should not be done to a building which is occupied or utilized for any purpose as the spirit will lash out at anyone it can.Furthermore it will grow increasingly violent the longer it is imprisoned within.

Spirit Boards and “Tricksters”

Due to personal experience I have developed some reservations about using spirit boards. However it has nothing to do with the Hollywood hype concerning these objects. Rather it has to do with the type of spirits which these objects inevitably attract. The entities you will usually end up talking to are not to be trusted, and can be labeled as “tricksters”. Tricksters often think that they are superior to living humans because most people cannot see them. This often leads them to play tricks, lie, and manipulate the living. This is whence their moniker comes from. While it is possible to work with them, they will always try to get freebies from you. So if you recruit these beings for a task or two remember the following:

  1. Withhold payment until you can personally confirm whether a task has been completed.
  2. Always double-check the information that they give you, to make sure it is legitimate. Use a suitable form of divination for this such as Tarot cards, etc.
  3. They will try to exaggerate their importance by boasting of their power and wisdom. Make them prove it and provide evidence. Once again make sure to personally confirm the results.
  4. If you ask them to carry out a task, spell out how you want it done to ensure no loopholes are exploited. Additionally this ensures that possible damage is kept to a minimum.
  5. Set limitations in your relationship. This includes laying out when they are free to contact you, areas of your home that are off-limits, etc.

If you are attempting to utilize a board for contacting deceased family members or friends it is important that you call the specific individual(s) you wish to speak to (ex: Grandpa_______, or my best friend _________ __________.) When you get a response check to see if it is actually the person you called. If you catch a trickster attempting to impersonate a family member or friend just tell it to get lost. If it doesn’t take the hint pray to a deity or saint of the dead and give them an offering. If you are honest, open to the power’s existence, and respectful, the trickster will likely be banished from your home. The same process should be carried out with a protective higher power, on the highly unlikely chance that you garner the attention of a malevolent spirit (I refrain from using the word “demon” since it is a catch-all christian term for anything the religion doesn’t accept in its cosmology)


St. Cyprian of Antioch

Religion: Folk Catholicism

Status: Removed from the Catholic Church’s Calender of Saints in 1969 on account of lack of evidence.

Epithets/Titles: Saint of the Dark

Patron of: Sorcerers, Magicians, Root doctors, Necromancers, Occultists, Witches, Conjurers, Demonologers, and Spiritualists

Feast Days: September 26th, October 2nd (Eastern Orthodox Church)

Offerings: Red Wine, White and Purple Candles, Saint Cyprian Oil, Incense, Magical Dedications, Prayers

Color: Purple

Symbols: Grimoire, Purple Cloak, and Crozier

Note: I love this guy despite him being a saint for a number of reasons. Firstly this guy is right up my alley considering his client list. Then according to his hagiography he was an extremely powerful magician, who was capable of many amazing magical feats. Then best of all, according to some sources Cyprian only pretended to convert to Christianity.

Also as the patron saint of necromancers, this powerful spirit works as a excellent intermediary between the living and the spirits of the dead. Among his powers is the ability to help his followers connect with their ancestors more easily.

Santa Muerte/Holy Death

Religion- Folk Catholicism

Epithets/Titles- Lady Sebastienne, Lady of the Shadows, Lady of the Night, Lady of the Seven Powers, White Girl, Skinny Lady, the Skeleton Saint, Saint Death, Black Lady, the White Sister, the Pretty Girl, the Powerful Lady…

Nature- Opinions radically differ on this subject mainly because Saint Death does not have a wholly benevolent nature. Most say that she is a saint or an eighth Archangel. A more likely theory put forward by a small number of her followers is that she is a fallen angel attempting to redeem herself in the eyes of the Christian God.

Roles- Folk Saint (Patron of Mexico, LGTB community, prostitutes, the impoverished, police officers, smugglers, drug dealers, taxi drivers, bar owners, bicycle messengers, soldiers, and Mariachi players)

Feast Days- November 1st and August 15th

Offerings- Candles, image vestments, tobacco, flowers, fruit, incense, water, alcohol, coins, and candies.

Color Associations- Gold (money, success, and financial concerns), red (love, romance, and protection), black (total protection from enemies, hexing, and revenge). Other less common colors include blue, green, amber, and purple.

Symbols- Scythe, Scales, Hourglass, Owl, Oil Lamp, and Globe

Note: It is important to be aware that a number of her followers maintain that she is very jealous and her image should not be placed near those of Catholic saints. Additionally her veneration is condemned by the Catholic Church in Mexico.



Hearing the Voices of the Dead: The Ghost Box

Yesterday at 12:40 pm I performed an experiment to test the potential of a device known as a Ghost Box. This instrument also known as a Frank’s Box is simply a radio that quickly scans multiple AM/FM stations. Normally these are apparatuses modified from old RadioShack technology, however I wished to immediately find the answer to the big question. Can a Ghost Box allow one to have a two-way conversation with the spirits of the dead in real-time? If so, this would make the process of necromancy quite a bit easier.

The device I settled on using was a Nokia cellphone, it might be an unusual choice but it is incredibly easy to transport. For the experiment I did not bother to leave my house, choosing to rely on the idea that ancestor spirits are almost always near the vicinity of the descendents who wish to communicate with the dead. I asked three questions which would allow me to gauge the veracity of the matter. Here are the questions I asked along with the answers I received while scanning.

Q. Is there anybody there?

A. Yes, yes, yes (Song Lyric)

Q. How are you?

A #1. Patient (Radio Host Speech)

A #2. Mending my broken heart (Song Lyric)

Q. Is there anything I should know?

A. Tools to help you find out… (Various Radio Hosts) … the good times we know… (Song Lyric)

From this I have drawn a couple of hypotheses regarding this manner of communication. Firstly there seem to be genuine responses to the questions asked. Secondly longer messages seem to be broken up between different sources and sometimes are incomplete. However until I have accumulated more data through repeated testing it is not safe to conclude that experiences gained from this method are legitimate messages. Furthermore there seems to be no way to determine the identities of the speakers (if there are any) because of the limited number of full proper names used in Radio broadcasts.

Blood Substitutes

Sometimes in necromancy and other forms of magic there is the need for blood in a spell or ceremony. Not everybody is thrilled with the idea of drawing blood in one form or another. Therefore there need to be available options for the squeamish and faint-hearted. So, what else can one use in place of one’s own blood? There are at least 7 possible stand-ins that I am personally aware of through my research. These are: Bloodroot, Red Wine, Apple Cider, Beets, Pomegranate, and Red Ochre.

Apple Cider- Highly valued by the Ancient Celts, this substance represents Otherworldly life-force. Consuming the fruit or the juice was thought to be able to transport the imbiber to otherworldly realms. Hard cider works just as well as the non-alcoholic drink.

Beet- The juice from this is used, but be careful it can stain.

Bloodroot- Symbolizes the ties of blood. Use only if you are not planning to consume it or rub it on your body because it has caustic properties. To use it, simply pound the root into a fine powder and mix with water until it reaches the desired consistency.

Dragon’s Blood- In older times it was believed that this resin was collected from slain dragons. It is a coagulant and can so be used to stop bleeding. In other words it acts like the platelets in human blood.

Pomegranate- This was mentioned in at least one document, however I imagine that it would be rather hard to use. The only parts that are usable are the seeds, but the amount of juice that can be gathered from these in one fruit is minimal at best.

Red Wine- The symbolism of this liquid is obvious due to its use in Christian religious ritual. Remember that this kind of wine is capable of staining many things.

Red Ochre- Symbolizes blood as life-force, a connection to the ancestors, and a element of rebirth.

I suggest keeping a supply of most of these substances on hand (excepting the beets and pomegranate) as blood can be used in several forms of magic. These include bindings, hexes/curses, protections, contracts, reddening runes or bones, ritual sacrifice/workings, writing charms/talismans/seals, magical inks, etc.

That’s all for now, until next time.